Tastes of Moreton Bay

Boasting some of the nation’s top chefs, top-notch dining destinations and incredible local produce both from the bay to the farms, it’s no wonder Moreton Bay Region is home to a fast-evolving foodie culture that is turning heads and filling bellies.

With an abundance of amazing restaurants, cafés, drinking holes and master chefs, we’re spoilt for choice with places to wine, dine and indulge in the Moreton Bay Region.

It’s safe to say – we’ve got a lot to brag about. So much so, that we need a whole month to celebrate and share the experiences with our visitors.

Tastes of Moreton Bay is a brand-new month-long program from 23rd August until 23rd September 2019 celebrating and showcasing our local produce, as well as the operators, events and experiences throughout the region.

Key features of campaign:

    • Culinary Events are held between 23rd August till 23rd September
    • Marketing Campaign Launched 14th July with The Great Day Out Episode with Alastair McLeod
    • OVER 15+ Events (which includes Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival)
    • Target audience is over 40, domestic or international traveller who has a passion for unique food experiences. This is a sophisticated demographic, who is willing to spend on fine dining experiences.
    • Chef & Producer Collaborations (seafood fresh from the trawler and farm fresh produce grown in our region)
    • Alastair McLeod presenting two (2) Harvest Events
    • Covers WHOLE of Moreton Bay Region, unlike Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival which is only on Redcliffe Parade
    • Primarily digital advertising campaign
    • Coverage in Moreton Life Magazine EDITION 18 OUT NOW - http://quest.smedia.com.au/moreton-life/
    • Peninsula Life SEPT EDITION
    • Facebook Event - https://www.facebook.com/events/396926370806793/
    • Campaign landing page - https://www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/tastes

What makes up the “Tastes of Moreton Bay” Campaign?

There are four (4) key ‘activities’ that make up the framework for the Tastes of Moreton Bay. Keep reading for campaign details.

#1. Culinary Events

The focus on local chefs and venues serving local produce from the bay or farm in a special event held during the month-long food celebration.

ALL EVENTS: https://www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/tastes/events

FIRST EVENT: 23rd August, which is our Business Luncheon with The Three Blue Ducks

LAST EVENT: 23rd September, with the BBQ Competition at White Brick Brewing


  • Samford Harvest presented by Alastair McLeod • 21 SEPT
  • Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival • 7 - 8 SEPT
  • Produce Lunch at Ocean View Estates • 15 SEPT
  • The Jetty Lunch at Sandstone Point Hotel • 21 SEPT
  • Dayboro Harvest presented by Alastair McLeod • 31 AUG
  • Sensational Seafood Menu at The Golden Ox • 23 AUG - 23 SEPT
  • Flock Eatery Spring Feast • 7 SEPT
  • First Friday Feast at Pause • 6 SEPT
  • BBQ Competition at White Brick Brewing • 21 SEPT - 22 SEPT
  • Farmers Market Produce at The Sebel Brisbane Margate Beach • 20 SEPT
  • Rooftop Cooking Class at The Sebel • 7 SEPT
  • Business Moreton Bay Region Lunch Series Three Blue Ducks • 23 AUG
  • Picnic at Pemberley – Abbey Museum • 7 SEPT
  • LOOP Growers Farm Tour & Banquet • 22 SEPT
  • 5-Course Degustation at the Golden Ox • 23 AUG

Can more events be added?

YES! We can absolutely add more events to the program, but you need to demonstrate that there is a local produce offering/focus. If you would like to be considered please email tourism@mbrit.com.au.

#2. The Great Day Out

Over the course of the 10 week promotional program, Tastes of Moreton Bay will be feature in five (5) Channel 7 “The Great Day Out" Episodes.

EPISODES: https://www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/tastes/the-great-day-out-trails

  • Great Day Out with Alastair McLeod + Local Producers AIRED 17/07/2019
  • Food from the Bay (Sponsored by RDA Moreton Bay) AIRING 4/08/2019
  • Hidden Gems of Moreton Bay AIRING 18/08/2019
  • Redcliffe AIRING 1/09/2019
  • Local Producers (Sponsored by RDA Moreton Bay) AIRING 15/09/2019

Each episode will have a full blog created on Visit Moreton Bay Region and be feature on the Tastes of Moreton Bay’s – Great Day Out Trails.

NOTE: There was a participation cost to be included in the TV coverage.

#3. Food Trails

In addition to The Great Day Out content, the following Food Trails are being developed over the coming weeks in partnership with the campaign:

  • Craft Beer Brewer Trail LIVE on Visit 27/07/2019
  • Strawberry Trail LIVE on Visit 29/07/2019
  • Coffee Roasters & Tea Makers Trail LIVE on Visit 12/08/2019
  • Best Café for Baked Sugar Treats Trail LIVE on Visit 9/09/2019
  • Paddock to Plate – Regions best Deli’s & Butchers LIVE on Visit 13/09/2019

TRAILS: https://www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/tastes/foodie-trails

WE NEED HELP! If you are or know any local producers or hospitality providers who fit into ANY of the above content themes, please contact the marketing team via tourism@mbrit.com.au so that we can consider them for INCLUSION!!!!!

#4. Tastemakers

Throughout the campaign, we focus on the fact that our produce and culinary experiences are top notch thanks to the dedicated 'Tastemakers' who share their passion with us.

TASTEMAKERS: https://www.visitmoretonbayregion.com.au/tastes/tastemakers

New Tastemaker profiles will be added throughout the campaign, to coincide with all the other elements, ie. The Great Day Out, Events and Food Trails.

Contact me about the 'Tastes of Moreton Bay' Campaign

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