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Operators have the opportunity to provide a deal or set of deals (up to 3 deals per ATDW profile) for consumers to book.

It is not mandatory but highly recommended to offer a deal, as it offers you more coverage on and will significantly enhance your ability to attract bookings.

When loading deals:

  1. Provide instructions to guide consumers how to book and pay for their preferred experience or tour (ie. online booking promocode or only available on phone bookings etc)
  2. Ensure your deal is available for any traveler
  3. Once all deals are confirmed in ATDW, they will be published live
    on here

Creating deals on ATDW for free promotion on

How to load your deal in ATDW

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username (email address) and password.
  3. From your Profile Dashboard, click the ‘Update’ button next to the profile you would like to update
  4. Navigate to the ‘Add a Deal/Offer’ section on the left-hand side menu and add the details of your holiday deal.
  5. In ‘Deal Type’ select from the dropdown list, ie Promo Code
  6. Add a Deal Offer Name – note this is what will be displayed as your Deal Name on Example: 30% off on a Hot Air Balloon tour
  7. Enter a ‘Deal Description’ with information about the deal/offer in under 500 words. Include in the description what product you’re offering, key features of the product. Please include the channel you require customers to use to book and pay (eg. via phone only) and provide contact details (phone number/ mail address etc). Example: Get 30% off on one of our Hot Air Balloon tours. Usually $350, now $250. Offer valid for travel from 3 October 2021 - 23 January 2022. Bookings open from 5 October - 31 November, or until sold out. Call us directly on 07 9876 5432 for more details.

  8. Enter the ‘Deal Terms and Conditions’. Please include information specific to your business, in maximum 400 characters. We recommend including (if applicable):
    1. Cancellation policy
    2. Minimum age / safety requirements
    3. If the deal is subject to availability
  9. Enter the Deal ‘In-Market Dates’. These are the dates when TEQ will advertise your offer on
  10. Enter the ‘Validity’ Dates as follows. ‘Validity’ Dates are when consumers can use your offer.
  11. For ATDW deal entries, enter the deal price at the already discounted price.
  12. Please upload a deal image that is bright, high quality and represents your experience. This must be 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high in landscape orientation.
  13. Please enter all inclusions applicable to your deal. Example:
    Includes lunch, champagne, and a complimentary photo.
  14. In the ‘Deal URL’ field, add a page on your website where you will provide information about the deal. If you’re unable to build a page with the deal information, please provide a link to your contact page on your website.
  15. Submit your deal for review.

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