Visit Moreton Bay Business Listing

Visit Moreton Bay is the official destination platform for the Moreton Bay region.


To be eligible for a FREE listing on Visit Moreton Bay, your business or not-for-profit organisation must meet the following five (5) criteria;

  1. Be within the boundaries of City of Moreton Bay or provide a unique tourism experience into region
  2. Have relevant Council and Government permits/licenses to operate
  3. Possess public liability and/or tenant insurance
  4. Have an ABN or ACN
  5. Fall under one of the following categories:
    1. Accommodation Provider (including camping)
    2. Tour, Hire and Experience Operator (including trails)
    3. Cultural Provider (including gallery, heritage and/or museum)
    4. First Nations Experience Provider
    5. Agritourism Provider (including Farm Gate and Hobby Farm)
    6. Hospitality Provider
    7. Transport Provider
    8. Other (including entertainment providers)

Additional, highly regarded attributes:

  1. Collaborating with local agribusinesses (ie. farmers, producers, distillers, roasters, brewers etc)
  2. Working to be an accessible and inclusive friendly tourism provider
  3. Google review score 4+

Benefits of having a listing on Visit Moreton Bay:

Be welcomed into the Moreton Bay Tourism Industry Network of businesses, a community of like-minded individuals passionate about growing our tourism offering and guest experience in Moreton Bay, opportunities include:

  1. Free directory listing in annual Visitor Guide, with opportunity to also advertise
  2. Showcase of flyers and collateral at the region's Visitor Information Centres
  3. Invitations to attend industry events
  4. Opportunity to participate in destination marketing campaigns
  5. Opportunity to be a famil host
  6. Opportunity to participate in professional development training programs and mentoring
  7. Subscription to our industry email The Delicious Drop
  8. Access and support from the MBRIT Tourism Team of professionals

Who manages Visit Moreton Bay?

Visit Moreton Bay is managed by Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT), the official Local Tourism Organisation (LTO) for City of Moreton Bay. MBRIT is committed to promoting and supporting the region's tourism industry to maximize visitor experiences and economic growth.

Visit Moreton Bay business listing costs:

NONE! There is no annual financial cost or membership to having a listing on Visit Moreton Bay.

However, to leverage the full benefits of your listing, along with profiling your business to traveller markets and other industry providers, investing in participating in marketing, trade and media opportunities is of benefit. Things that you can leverage include:

  • Providing an experience, accommodation, meal or transfer for media and trade familiarations;
  • Accessing the discounted rates for participating in marketing campaigns and PR activtations;
  • Providing discounted offers for promotion in marketing campaigns; and
  • Venue hire FOC for industry events.

Businesses will have the opportunity to buy into marketing campaigns throughout the year, which may include digital promotion, print, radio and TV coverage. These opportunities will be sent through the fortnightly Delicious Drop e-newsletter and via the MBRIT corporate social media pages, Facebook and Linked In.

How your submission will be assessed:

On submission of your EOI application, the MBRIT Tourism Team will book a virtual meeting or conference call with you to further understand your tourism offering. From this call, the team will determine if a FREE Visit Moreton Bay business listing is the next step. All applications are vetted, and final decision is at the discretion of Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT) as the regions Local Tourism Organisation (LTO).

Please note that when submitting the EOI for a business listing, you are also agreeing to the MBRIT Code of Conduct outlined below.

Have questions?

Please reach out to the MBRIT Tourism Team on [email protected]. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

New business?

If you are a start-up or new tourism business looking to operate in City of Moreton Bay, please reach out to the MBRIT Tourism Team on [email protected]. We are here to support you on your business journey from inception to fruition.

Visit Moreton Bay Business Listing - Expression of Interest (EOI)

Please fill in the required field below.

Additionally, as part of the vetting process, businesses or not for profits will need to confirm that they will maintain a Public Liability Policy for no less than $10,000,000 for any one claim. If you do not have a policy for this amount, please contact the MBRIT Tourism Team on [email protected].
Please display website as If you do not have a website, please provide another online platform you are using to market your tourism services.
Please select multiple if these apply to your business.
Please select multiple locations if these apply to your business operation.

Yes, I understand that:


MBRIT’s code of conduct outlines professional guidelines so that the conduct of the Moreton Bay Tourism Industry Network will enhance the Moreton Bay region’s visitor economy and contribute positively to Moreton Bay’s community, environment, and quality of life.

By expressing interest in a FREE Visit Moreton Bay Business Listing, The applying party is expected:

  1. To act professionally and with high levels of duty of care, safety and concern towards other Parties within the Moreton Bay Tourism Industry Network, customers and the Moreton Bay community.
  2. To deliver with integrity, all advertised products and services, meeting all legal responsibilities.
  3. To comply with the laws of Australia and to ensure all contracts and terms of business are clear, concise and honoured in full, and ensure all dealings are ethical and fair.
  4. To speak and act respectfully and not denigrate or slander anyone or discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation or political persuasion.
  5. To ensure claims in advertising and marketing a product or service are true, and never misleading or exaggerated and are not negative about another Moreton Bay Tourism Industry Network Parties’ product or service.
  6. To consider the interests of local communities and ensure that the impacts of their business on Moreton Bay’s community life and environment are positive and beneficial.
  7. To manage their businesses effectively and efficiently, enhancing the reputation of tourism in Moreton Bay, to respond and resolve customer complaints in a timely and courteous manner and to change business processes and policies when necessary.
  8. To operate a humane, safe, healthy and satisfying working environment for staff, customers and the public.
  9. To manage their staff/employees fairly and equitably.
  10. To operate their businesses guided by environmental best practice guidelines, conserving water, energy and the natural environment. Business operations must balance the rights of future generations with current economic needs, preserving and improving Moreton Bay region’s quality of life.
  11. To be ambassadors for tourism in the Moreton Bay region and help promote community understanding of the importance of tourism as a vibrant contributor to Moreton Bay’s economy and quality of life.

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